Culleton successfully files in the High Court of Justice, London UK

Most will know the story of Rodney Culleton being ousted from the Senate in early 2017 after a losing battle for his Senate seat in the High Court of Australia sitting as the Court of Disputed Returns.

During this time, Senator in exile Rod Culleton has maintained he continues to be a constitutionally elected Senator due to the procedural requirements set out in our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) which he believed had not been followed.

Section 22 Commonwealth Constitution sets out that a third of the Senate must be seated to to form a quorum to hold any validity. With the passage of the Senate (Quorum) Act 1991, the Parliament has changed the quorum to one quarter of the total number of Senators, which with the current Senate size of 76 means that at least 19 Senators are required for a quorum. The Senate was not quorate the day the referral was made in the Senate. Parry ignored this even after Sam Dastyari made reference to the state of the chamber.

In August 2018 Culleton faced Chief Justice Susan Kiefel in the High Court of Australia which after hearing his argument reserved her decision for later. He was denied justice on the grounds he did not bring up s22 quorum from the beginning. In doing so Kiefel basically denounced our constitution having any validity even after former Solicitor General David Bennett stated to Kiefel that a stream cannot rise above its source.

Culleton knowing too well that justice was never going to be served in Australia, and the jurisdiction was of the incorrect Crown, that being the Queen of Australia vs the Queen of the United Kingdom which is considered a legal nonsense, so Culleton set out to file in the UK where he had the jurisdiction of the Queen of the UK.

Yesterday 16 January 2019 the High Court of Justice in London UK, accepted a filling on behalf of Senator Culleton and his team to commence proceedings to call Senator Culleton in the Queen’s jurisdiction of the UK to deal with the unconstitutional removal of a federally elected Senator of the 45th Parliament in order to address the constitutional instrument (motion 163) invoked on 1st December 2016 which remains part heard in the senate.Interim submissions were submitted to the registrar proving the UK had the jurisdiction to hear the application.

This is a historical step in the nations history for the restoration of the commonwealth of Australia, which is clearly outlined in Senator Culleton’s Prayer to the House of Lords, to which Senator Culleton is very proud to call on the UK to uphold its binding commitments, and to come in and constitutionally address the legislative power and judicature in the Commonwealth of Australia.

The question would arise, what now with the Australia Act 1986 which removed our constitutional right to seek remedy in the UK leaving us with the High Court of Australia as our final means of justice? Does this new precedence prove the Australia Act as an invalid Act of the Australian Parliament?

6 thoughts on “Culleton successfully files in the High Court of Justice, London UK

  1. I’d like to refer you to David Fitzgibbon, who applied a similar contention to the UK High Court in 2004. The case was dismissed by High Court judge Justice Gavin Lightman, who noted that not only did he have no say over the case, but even if he did rule in favour of Mr Fitzgibbon the Australian Government, independent since 1901, could ignore him completely. “It is for the Australian courts to apply Australian law to determine the capacity in which Her Majesty the Queen is acting. It is not for the UK courts to enter the field, proffering their view as the to the proper interpretation of the Constitution.” Calling Mr Fitzgibbon’s action “quite purposeless”, the Chancery Division’s Master Bencher Bowman said: “The claim should be struck out on the basis of hopelessness … and, where appropriate, embarrassment.”


  2. Thank you for all your efforts so far Mr Cullerton. – I can’t thank you enough I only wish I had a spare $Mill to donate to your cause. – I don’t accept that The Australian Govt has the Jurisdiction to repeal common law by stealth or at all. – if there is any cred left in the court system you may get a judge who is prepared to rule according to the Law of the Land. – Our sovereignty relies on your success.
    Thanks again – All the best


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