Bank CEO’s to face criminal charges in country court

News has hit around Australia that the former Senator Rod Culleton has won his appeal in front of the chief magistrate Heath, to allow private prosecutions to be filed under Commonwealth Law to bring bank CEO’s and their agents to face court in Narrogin Local Court in the Upper Great Southern Wheatbelt of Western Australia.Culleton’s win is a case precedent which should remind people that no one is above the law, and that you cannot inflict harm on another. A large number of growers have filed and have foreshadowed to file all around the Commonwealth further prosecutions against other bank CEO’s and their agents.

Back in 2016, the former One Nation Senator admitted a rift existed between himself and party leader Pauline Hanson over her failure to back his push for a Royal Commission into banking, which ultimately forced Culleton to go independent.

Culleton believes that this private prosecution will now become very popular, as police and certain government agencies have prevented restitution to be fulfilled, as the government has cut back all of their funding. Most importantly our politicians have failed to act, including our Senators who have not done their job in the house and upheld their constitutional duties to protect the rights of the Australian people.

Culleton’s email to Leon Ashby:

Hi Leon,

A number of Private Prosecutions were filed today against Mr Shayne Elliott in the Magistrates Court in the Upper Great Southern wheatbelt town of Narrogin, Western Australia.

Mr Elliott, currently the ANZ Bank CEO, must attend the hearing on the 18th February 2019 to enter a plea on a number of filed actions – (Group actions).

Leon, we have been very patient with the banks, and yet those involved in the banking sector have not taken some of the growers seriously. Well, this has now become a very serious matter, as farmers all around Australia feel matters best be dealt with in the bush!

The local court being the Magistrates Court in Western Australia confirmed the jurisdiction, being of the Crown, under the Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 (UK). This was done in a matter where I addressed the court on a point of jurisdiction recently. This is evidenced in the transcript.

I believe this will now pave the way as a case precedent for bank CEO(s) and others from various banks will be prosecuted and will need to enter a plea on the 18th February 2019 onwards.

It is of course, incumbent upon me to reveal that I am the prosecutor in this group action and certain (ex) Politicians, Bankers, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents , Receivers ect, not limited to Police, will be called to give evidence.

The farmers are proud that at long last we can now prosecute for the crimes that have been committed against our fellow primary producers!!!!

I ask all Senators to start stepping up to the plate and realise the power they have in the House representing their constituents.

‘God Save Our Farmers’

Regards Rod Culleton,

Senator in Exile

The first of many, Shane Elliot CEO of the ANZ Bank is to appear on the 18th February 2019 at 2:15pm to enter a plea on a number of criminal private prosecutions which were filed on the 21st December 2018.

The new year should bring restitution for those wronged by the banks and their agents, which include farmers who were already doing it tough through drought without banks having to act like a cartel.

8 thoughts on “Bank CEO’s to face criminal charges in country court

  1. I was under the impression that the right of an aggrieved WA Citizen to take out a criminal private prosecution was repealed in the mid eighties after my brothers Brian and Peter Mickelberg and myself charged a large number of Detectives with fabricating evidence against us in relation to the case that was know as The Perth Mint Swindle . The charges were dismissed by the very very LEARNED Magisrate Buck who said the infamous words in relation to our charging of the police “THERE MAYBE SMOKE BUT THERE IS NO FIRE “ . The police charged were granted an exgratia payment by the government for the “TRAUMA “ that we put them and their families through . Shortly after our courageous politicians changed the law denying a citizen the right to take a private criminal prosecution . Some 19years later it was proven on appeal in the Supreme Court of WA that the charges we laid in 1985 were proven and our convictions were quashed . Thus the venerable and most learned Magistrate Buck was shown that his judgement made a mockery of justice . It is fundamental in a proper functioning democracy that we the citizens have a right to use the law to see justice done . In the case of the banks, they have for decades been above the law if this finding in the magistrates court allows for the private prosecution of bank CEOs it will be a blow to the system that has allowed the rape of the small man for decades . I must add I will be very very surprised if this private prosecution is allowed to proceed . As those in positions of power and authority see we the people as a threat if we are allowed to take out private criminal prosecutions .


    1. Culleton is a force to be reckoned with though.. He has a fantastic team of legal/lawful minds behind him. He has done a great deal so far despite the challenges the clowns have put him through.


  2. I would like to contact Mr Rod Cullerton and congratulate him ,if someone knows his email address could they please contact me at Ray Mickelberg@


  3. Hi Glen & Ray Mickelberg
    I will forward your comments to Rod .
    It would appear both the Current Banking System have painted themselves into a Corner which they can never get out from.
    The main reasons for this is, Neither the “Unjust” Banks and or the Unlawful Governments can go back in TIME, they are unable to undo what has been done . The paper trail left be hind is Captured in the (“Forensic Time Capsule”) and as such the current World Banking System is intertwined from North to South of the equator from West to East, Zig Sagging through Cyber Space locked up inside the ether belt of knowledge. This is the true beginning of the End Game as 2019, gets ready to reset the Balancing of the Financial Institutions Greedy intellectual property comes to an End.
    As the Unjust Fraud has now Exposed those who controlled the Darkest of all Criminal Thuggery is about to Blow taking with it the former evil financial cancer that has infected the entire Global .
    It the last chance we have to Save the Planet over and above the all mighty Dollar $$$$$$$ as we get to witness the Phatt Porky Pigs that have Dominated get brought to their knees. The entire Global Financial Institutions will be forced to settle the Toxoplasmosis facing every man, women & Child made of Flesh & Blood only require healthy food, pure drinking water & clean Air.
    The Rest really does not matter amongst the Periodic Table of Elements is where we all started . At the going down of the Sun and in the morning We will remember them, LEST WE FORGET .
    May GOD Save the Queen because nothing will Save the Governor General .

    r m stim
    all rights reserved


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