How did we get into this mess?

This is how we got into this crazy mess.

When the LNP showed their true colours, you got angry and elected the ALP/Greens. When the ALP/Greens showed their true colours, you got angry and elected the LNP.

It has always been one or the other, and with an electorate full of complacency, they take us for granted.

They talk of emissions, the Paris Accord and Global Warming and coal, while Mother Nature’s volcano’s spew out the biggest emissions on the planet.

They never invited Mother Nature to the Paris meeting. (no government subsidies?)

They are openly trading the Commonwealth away to foreign countries, mainly China. The Chinese will be eating us out of house and home. They already own our Gas pipelines and electricity grid.

There are 200,000 refugees and immigrants per year to take your place in our health system and housing lists. And guess who gets priority?

We are dying on the streets and being attacked in our homes, and they tell us to be vigilant, whilst it costs us a fortune to keep up the surveillance on the very people they allowed into the country.

What ever happened to “if you stuff it up, you’re out for good?” Instead they allow them to force their culture on to us.

The Greens Party actually acts as advocates for them, and do far more for their cause than they commit to the Commonwealth while Australian taxpayers foot the bill.

Pensioners are now termed as being on benefit’s and a drain on the economy. After working and paying tax for all Government Services including foreign aid during their working lives.

When a new or other Party suggests to you that neither major Party is looking out for your best interests, you say they can’t be trusted and it would be crazy to vote for a new party.

But the real definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and again, hoping for a different outcome.

Labor plan to use a plebiscite to get their republic. Unconstitutional as it may be, they aren’t listening to the people anymore, yet people will still vote these treasonous types back into positions of power. The resulting republic will be the complete handover of the Commonwealth over to the United Nations.

Some of us still have our pride, and our voice, and are confident enough to vote for our rights and freedoms through independents and minor parties.

We want our country back along with our traditions, and we still have the most important thing in all the world, our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (Imp), but only just.

Wake up Commonwealth, before it’s all too late.

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