Governments no longer work for the people

There are clear signs that the people are fed up with government wasting money on things we don’t need, giving away money to countries that couldn’t care less about Australians, creating oppressive unconstitutional laws and political corruption through bankers and corporate CEO’s.

Over $15 billion wasted on fighting unnecessary banker wars overseas to date.

Money being squandered to friends of politicians so they can profit, either through the military industrial complex or corporations who avoid paying tax.

Note how no measures are being introduced to clamp down on their waste in the billions of dollars, but a few hundred dollars here or there by you and the government wants to know everything about it.

This is one of the reasons that increasingly the trend around the world is that people are growing discontent with the actions of their governments and political systems. People no longer feel they are being represented or that the system is working for them. In fact the system is working against them.

Politicians no longer care to know what ‘We the People’ want, they just go ahead and make laws and spend money without the people’s consent or knowledge. New Bank Bail-in Laws and Espionage Laws are prime examples. Do I want the bank to take my money if the banks fail? No I don’t. Do I want the Government spying on me? No I don’t.

Then you have the Australian government planning a crack down on the ‘black economy’ by implanting $100 and $50 notes with hi-tech nano-chips so they can be surveilled, or completely removing $100 and $50 notes from circulation because they want us to believe that Grandma is hoarding hundreds of thousands of dollars under her mattress in stacks of $100 notes.

But is this all part of a bigger agenda? A ‘war on cash’ and our freedom, as the Australian Government seeks to tighten the noose on their citizens.

Bikie laws are completely unconstitutional with anti association laws being implemented throughout the country. Mates can’t call mates on the phone without being interrogated or imprisoned. And while some may support this by seeing bikies as a threat to society, the biggest danger to society are the ones you gladly give your money away to each and every week in the form of tax.

No wonder Donald Trump rose as a favourite in the United States, and was largely seen as an anti-establishment figure. No wonder Britain voted to leave the European Union that saw the Brexit party win.

Perhaps it’s time for mankind to evolve past the notion of needing a small elite few living in another reality telling us how we should live our lives and creating laws against our freedoms.

For now it seems governments will look for increasing ways to control, oppress and surveillance their citizens. Using well sounding excuses such as ‘stopping terrorism’, ‘reducing bikie crime’ or ‘fighting the black economy.’

With the cashless case, it’s more likely a case that government is looking at new ways to bolster its coffers and if people are using physical cash, then there is less money to be had for the greed and corruption that resides in Canberra.

Now with the new Prime Minister ScoMo, nothing for the better will change but only get worse. Swearing an oath to the ‘Queen of Australia’ is just like promising something with your fingers crossed behind your back, says it all really.

‘We the People’ have had enough.

2 thoughts on “Governments no longer work for the people

  1. This is absolutely true. We have to get rid of these putrid self serving Governments.
    New laws introduced day to oppress everyday people.


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