Identity-Matching Services Bill 2018

Should the government be able to track your every move when you walk down the street, join a protest, or enter your gym?

The Identity-Matching Services Bill 2018 would create a nationwide database of people’s physical characteristics and identities, linking facial images and data from states and territories and integrating them with a facial recognition system.

The system would initially enable centralised access to passport, visa, citizenship, and driver license images, though states and territories may also link other information, for example, marine licenses or proof-of-age cards. Government agencies and some private companies would then be allowed to submit images to verify someone’s identity. Government agencies will also use it to identify an unknown person. The Department of Home Affairs would manage the system.

Souce: The Guardian

Bill summary taken from the APH website: Pursuant to the objectives of the Intergovernmental Agreement on Identity Matching Services (IGA), agreed by COAG on 5 October 2017, the bill provides for the exchange of identity information between the Commonwealth, state and territory governments by enabling the Department of Home Affairs to collect, use and disclose identification information in order to operate the technical systems that will facilitate the identity-matching services envisaged by the IGA.

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